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Who we are

The FGS Recruitment story started in 2008 with a commitment to a 'new way' of recruiting and as a result we connect the very best candidates with the very best companies.

Our experience

Our people are niche experts within their field with our core markets being Digital Media, Learning & Development and Business Information.

Our team

Following circa 15 years’ experience within recruitment, Michelle set out on her own and founded FGS Recruitment in 2008 from her kitchen table. Still very hands on in the business on the sales side, Michelle confesses to not being a natural leader and hands all management duties over to co-founder Billy. A strong theme throughout the company, Michelle enjoys building client relationships and getting a firm understanding of the client’s requirements acting as an extension of their business.

As a mum of two and self-confessed pasta addict, Michelle’s favourite pastime is sleeping and describes napping as the new clubbing.

Michelle Smith

Following circa 15 years' experience within recruitment, Michelle founded FGS Recruitment in 2008. As a mum of two, Michelle’s favourite pastime is sleeping and says napping is the new clubbing.

With a background in finance working initially as a mortgage broker and then working in the city as a financial recruiter, Billy co-founded FGS along with Michelle in 2008 having felt as though he needed something different. Billy would describe his job as entertaining, educational and rewarding and has found a real passion for helping overseas clients spearhead new ventures in the UK.

With Billy’s first job being a pasta maker, it’s no surprise that he is married and has two children with pasta lover, Michelle. Billy loves cooking for his family and watching Rugby in his spare time having declared that he is now too old and fragile to play.

Billy Smith

Starting out in the working world making pasta, Billy co-founded FGS along with Michelle in 2008 would describe his job as entertaining, educational and rewarding.

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